Yes, the Creators of ThroGlo are actually REAL PEOPLE!!

Aina and Joe first met on February 13th, 2019 .  From that day they were completely inseparable and a few months later, Aina and Joe were married on July 2, 2019.

Six months after their marriage the Covid-19 pandemic struck the United States and within a month Joe’s construction business was negatively impacted.  Like many American’s, Aina and Joe began stocking up on food and staying home to social distance.

While stuck inside the house they grew tired of playing board games, so Joe asked Aina if she wanted to play a glow in that dark game that he first thought of creating while working on a construction site in 2015.  Aina obliged and loved the game so much that she convinced him to finish creating the game so everyone could enjoy it.

With a lot of extra time on their hands, Joe and Aina quickly got to work recreating the game from the ground up.  The result was ThroGlo, “The Ultimate Glowing Cone Game”.

It is the perfect game to play day or night at backyard BBQ’s, tailgating events, the beach, camping trips, parties and even while stuck inside during quarantine. 

The super bright LED’s and rechargeable glow rings last up to 24 hours between charges, so you can play all night long.  Plus, the game is portable, light weight and requires no assembly.

With over 5000 ThroGlo game sets sold in the first year Aina and Joe hope to continue lighting up America!